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Without Roller Bearings These 4 Sports Wouldn't Exist

Posted: Dec 16, 2016 4:26:23 PM

We tend to view roller bearings as the sole domain of the world of heavy-duty manufacturing, but the truth is, they service many of our everyday needs as well. Here are 4 sports that millions enjoy which owe their existence to roller bearings: 

1. Skating

Everyone enjoys the sensation of gliding smoothly over the ground on their skates, but few realize that smooth movement is possible due to the presence of roller bearings in the skates. A roller bearing connects the wheels to the main part of the skate, and it is what allows the skate to turn, spin and rotate on the axle of the wheel, which is essential for a smooth run. This is the reason that one of the biggest factors that skating enthusiasts look for while selecting new skates is the condition and quality of the roller bearing that each skate comes equipped with. 

2. Racing

No matter what vehicle you use for racing, it makes use of roller bearings in some capacity. That is because the bearings are used to control the rolling motion of the wheels as well as the engine and navigation system of the vehicle. Whether it is a motorcycle, a car or an ATV, the roller bearing forms a crucial part of the machine's make-up. The bearings are also often the parts of the machine that require the most replacements, just because of the terrific wear and tear that they are subjected to during the course of a high-speed race over difficult terrain. 

3. Bowling

Even if you are a bowling enthusiast, you are probably unaware of the inner workings of the pinsetter, which is the machine responsible for setting the pins at the end of the lane for you to knock down. A pinsetter works on a nearly constant loop of retrieving pins, lining them up and placing them at the end of the lane. For this purpose, a moving belt is used by the pinsetter, and this is the part of the machine that makes use of roller bearings to ensure a smooth transfer of pins throughout the length of the machine. 

4. Gym Running 

Nearly every piece of gym equipment makes use of roller bearings in some capacity to ensure smooth rolling motion. But one of the most visible and popular uses for a roller bearing is within the gym treadmill. The arrival of treadmills saw the sport of running become increasingly an indoor practice, with athletes preferring to train within the safe and comfortable confines of the gym rather than battling harsh weather, poor quality roads and traffic while running outside. The roller bearings are crucial for making sure the movement of the rubber belt on the treadmill is smooth and without any resistance.

There are many other sports that also make use of roller bearings to ensure the smooth operation of the machines that are needed to play them, and while often invisible, roller bearings form a deep and integral part of the modern sports age. 

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