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Importance of IATF Certification in Automotive Manufacturing

Posted: Jun 26, 2018 12:00:00 PM

Automotive manufacturers have a number of key factors to take into consideration when sourcing components for their automobiles. One of the most important is keeping the cost of those components as low as possible, while still ensuring quality.

When choosing which manufacturer to work with, procurement buyers in the automotive industry must take careful measures to ensure that the manufacturer they choose is one that produces components which live up to the highest possible standards of quality. One useful metric by manufacturers can be gauged is the certifications they hold, and one of the most prestigious manufacturing certifications is the IATF certification. Below, we'll look at what the IATF certification is, what it means, and the reassurance that it provides to procurement buyers in the automotive industry.

What is the IATF Certification?

The IATF certification is one of the most recognized standards of quality among manufacturers supplying components to the automotive industry. Designed to be one of the most comprehensive certifications in the industry, the IATF certification harmonizes a range of different assessments and standards throughout the process of manufacturing components for use in the automotive industry. The certification is published by the International Automotive Task Force along with feedback from the Automotive Industry Action Group, and it is regularly updated to accommodate the rapidly changing landscape of the automotive industry.

Benefits of IATF Certification for Procurement Buyers in the Automotive Industry

Procurement buyers in the automotive industry must be very selective of the manufacturers that they work with in order to ensure that the components they are procuring meet the highest possible quality standards. Sometimes, though, it can be difficult to judge up-front the level of quality that a manufacturer is going to deliver.

Respected certifications such as the IATF certification, however, eliminate much of the guesswork for procurement buyers when it comes to selecting the right manufacturer to work with. The IATF certification has extraordinarily high standards that a manufacturer must meet year after year if they want to remain certified. This means that when a manufacturer is able to meet the standards for IATF certification, procurement buyers in the automotive industry can rest assure that the manufacturer they are considering will deliver the highest possible level of quality.

IATF Certification at Hartford Technologies

At Hartford Technologies, we are proud to meet the standards for the IATF certification and receive this exceptional certification. Earning the IATF certification means that we have been able to demonstrate year after year that the components we manufacture for use in the automotive industry are of extraordinary quality in every possible metric by which they can be measured. Earning this certification also means that the procurement buyers we work with are able to rest assured that they are purchasing the highest quality components available on the market today.

If you would like to learn more about the components we offer for use in the automotive industry or the rigorous levels of quality assurance that they meet, we invite you to contact us today.

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