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How to Lower Manufacturing Costs Through Quality Control

Posted: Apr 9, 2019 12:30:00 PM

Few things in manufacturing are more important than effective quality control. While it's well-known that quality control is essential for keeping your customers happy and preserving the reputation of your brand, quality control is also able to help lower manufacturing costs in a significant way.

In this blog, we'll look at how manufacturing companies can leverage the benefits of quality control in order to lower costs while at the same time better serving their customers.

The Relationship Between Quality Control and Manufacturing Costs

Improving quality control enables manufacturing companies to eliminate both external and internal failures - both of which can often prove incredibly costly.

Experiencing an internal failure can force you to spend time and money sorting through the defective batch, force you to waste materials by discarding products found to be defective, and potentially force you to delay the production of other orders while you focus on correcting the failure.

With that said, all of the expenses associated with both internal and external failures can be prevented through effective quality control. When you are able to verify that every product you produce is up to standards, the potential for external and internal failures are dramatically decreased.

In addition to preventing internal and external failures, effective quality control is also able to help lower manufacturing costs in a number of other ways, including:

  • Shifting the focus to preventing issues rather than correcting them.
  • Enabling companies to identify areas where they can reduce waste without compromising quality.
  • Enabling the development of a continuous improvement strategy that will lower costs and improve quality over time.
  • Applying quality control strategies to the entire manufacturing process rather than just the end product.
  • Boosting efficiency through a lean approach to quality control.

All told, effective quality control is one of the most advantageous avenues that manufacturing companies have available for lowering both their operating and capital expenses.

How to Achieve Better Quality Control

Effective quality control is not something that you implement overnight. It requires careful planning and a weQuality-Controlll-implemented strategy that enables you to check and double check every aspect of a product's quality. With the right approach, though, developing a bulletproof quality control strategy for your operation is certainly achievable.

In addition to implementing quality control measures at your own facility, it is equally essential to only source components from suppliers that take quality control as seriously as you do. After all, the quality of your product is only going to be as good as the quality of the components that you use to build it. By only working with reliable, trustworthy suppliers in addition to verifying the quality of your final product, you can eliminate any quality control gaps in your manufacturing process.

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