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Custom Bearing Prototypes for Manufacturing

Posted: May 2, 2019 12:00:00 PM

Building an entirely new product unlike anything on the market often times requires engineers to use components unlike anything being used. In these situations, custom manufacturing is invaluable, enabling engineers to procure prototypes of the components that they need to test their design then order those custom components in bulk once the design has been finalized. In this blog, we'll take a look at the process of producing custom bearings as well as the benefits that custom bearing prototypes for manufacturing offer.

The Process of Producing Custom Components

Producing a custom component for a prototype product involves a lot of back and forth communication between the company that is manufacturing the custom component and the engineering team responsible for building the prototype. Decisions must be made regarding the component's design, its size, the materials that it is made out of, and more. Once the initial design for a custom component is received, they work closely with the engineering team to iron out the details and ensure that the custom component performs as well as possible.

After the design and testing for a custom component has been finalized, the company is then able to order the components in bulk. This enables companies to quickly and efficiently transition from the design phase to the manufacturing phase of a product without having to switch vendors.

Quality Control When Producing Custom Componentsprecision ball bearings

Quality control can present a number of challenges when producing custom components since there is no set standard to compare the final product to. Using state of the art technology as well as a manual quality control process that is designed specifically for custom components helps eliminate potential risk.

The Benefits of Custom Bearing Prototypes for Manufacturing

Custom bearings provide companies with a high degree of flexibility. Rather than having to design your product around the bearings that are available, custom manufacturing enables you to design your bearings around your product. This high degree of flexibility when it comes to design is often times able to eliminate many potential issues that the design of a product presents.

By offering custom bearings for sale in bulk after the design has been finalized, manufacturing also makes it easy for companies to begin manufacturing a product using custom bearings after the design phase of the product is complete.

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