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4 Benchmarks Your Quality Ball Valve Supplier Must Meet

Posted: May 12, 2017 3:06:55 PM

Choosing a ball valve supplier is a decision that needs careful consideration. Before you choose a ball valve supplier, be sure that they meet these four crucial precision ball valve quality benchmarks:

1. Top-Notch Component Quality

First and foremost, you need to ensure that the supplier you are considering produces precision balls for valves that are top-of-the-line in their quality. Often times, temperatures and conditions that these valves must perform in are extreme, and you will need to make sure the precision balls used are up to the task. Be sure to investigate the materials your supplier uses as well as the processes they have in place to ensure optimum quality control. Precision balls for valves should always meet tight tolerances and should be built to last.

At Hartford Technologies, our customers place a lot of emphasis on top-notch quality, which is why we do as well.

2. Short Lead Time

The time between you initiating an order and that order shipping out should be as short as possible, each and every time. While some projects have a little leeway built into their timeline, others might not, and it's nice to know that your supplier will be able to get the precision balls for your ball valves out on time when deadlines are encroaching.

Before you choose a precision ball valve supplier, be sure to ask them about their lead time. A lot of factors can go into decreasing lead time. Some of the ways we at Hartford Technologies cut down our lead time include using an advanced, US-based inventory management system as well as LCC (Low Cost Country) material sourcing. Systems such as these should be in place to ensure that you are able to get your ball valves on time each and every time you order them.

3. Low Manufacturing Costs

You're running a business, and in business, few things count for more than the bottom line. Saving money on components such as precision balls for ball valves allows you to have more money to put back into the growth of your business. And when you are ordering hundreds or thousands of ball valves, small price differences can quickly add up.

Good manufacturing processes such as the lean manufacturing processes we employ can help keep prices down. In most cases, the ability to offer low prices directly correlates to the efficiency and experience of a supplier, giving you yet another reason to place importance on getting the best deal you can on your precision balls for ball valves.

4. Excellent Customer Service

It's likely that you will be working closely with your ball valve supplier. With this being the case, great customer service is certainly an important benchmark for them to meet. You should be able to tell by working with your supplier that they have your best interests in mind. Communication with them should be quick and easy, and any questions or problems you encounter should be quickly addressed.

In addition to this, your supplier should be transparent about their processes, allowing you to access any information you might need about the ball valves you are receiving. At Hartford Technologies, we are happy to ensure that our products are fully traceable from raw material to finished product, and our commitment to customer service and satisfaction is unparalleled in this industry.


Choosing a precision ball supplier for your ball valves is an important decision, and there are several benchmarks they should always meet. If you would like to learn more about how Hartford Technologies strives to always go above and beyond these benchmarks, feel free to contact us today.