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3 Procurement Trends for Manufacturing to Watch out for in 2019

Posted: Mar 21, 2019 12:30:00 PM

In order to be successful, procurement specialists must navigate the ever-changing landscape of the market, staying on top of the latest trends in procurement and manufacturing. With 2019 still young, there are plenty of important procurement trends on the horizon for the year that procurement specialists need to be aware of.

In this article, we'll take a look at three of the most impactful procurement and manufacturing trends that you can expect to play a significant role in 2019 and beyond.

Lowering Your Manufacturing Costs Through Quality Control

As more and more emphasis is placed on quality control, the costs associated with procuring low-quality products continue to rise. In order to lower these costs, procurement specialists must come to rely on suppliers with strict quality control measures. By procuring products that have been carefully tested for their quality, companies are able to indirectly cut costs by avoiding expensive mistakes.

Another key area of quality control is to focus on prevention rather than correction. Experienced procurement managers look for companies that put emphasis on creating durable products, rather than companies who focus on cleaning up during an external failure. Manufacturing companies should develop continuous improvements to their strategy; whether it is by reducing waste or using a structured methodology.

At Hartford Technologies, we embrace the important role of quality control and test all of our components using the latest in quality control technologies and procedures. By maintaining this high level of quality control, we are able to help our clients lower their procurement costs.

Lowering Your Manufacturing Costs Through Supply Chain Management

A more efficient supply chain leads to a more efficient procurement process. In recent years, supply chain management has taken on a new identity with the integration of cloud-based software, artificial intelligence, and other digital advances.

The management of supply chains are crucial for any manufacturing company. Manufacturers need to rely on managing the distribution of their goods to their customers. This could include lowering distribution costs or utilizing an efficient ordering system. By taking advantage of the latest supply chain management technologies and practices, companies can create a supply chain that is more affordable as well as more reliable.

Better Risk Management

Risks can be difficult to predict, reliable manufacturers reduce the risk of disruption as well as makes it easier to predict and adapt to any scenario. With an ever-changing global economic climate it is important for manufacturing companies to get ahead with risk management.

To reduce risk and uncertainty, many procurement specialists are prioritizing supply chain transparency in 2019. A transparent supply chain comprised of reliable partners reduces the risk of disruption. This can require innovation in the automotive manufacturing industry. In any global economy, manufacturers need to stay prepared with risk management if they want to thrive.

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