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Why Stainless Steel Balls Are Necessary for Controlling and Aiding in Agriculture

Posted: Jul 3, 2019 1:00:00 PM

If you are manufacturing machinery for the agricultural industry, then you know that finding the right precision parts is more important than ever. Make running your operation easier by using the right stainless steel balls in agriculture and grow-out houses. Due to the nature of the agriculture industry it’s no surprise that these balls will come into contact with water, chemicals, and other substances. It is crucial to have a stainless steel ball that can withstand the demands of your operation without failing and costing time and money for replacements.

Rust Can Form with Other Ball Bearings

No matter what your machines water supply is like, it is going to create rust in something. Plain steel or brass balls will quickly start to show signs of wear from oxidation. Even small amounts can cause lines to jam open or closed. That's money out the door in increased bills to pump the water, cleaning up spills in the floor to prevent mold and time spent repairing the lines and control valves for your customer.

Plastic simply is not tough enough to handle the pressures and stress of the water lines for any length of time. The short term saving of using plastic is quickly eaten up by the time spent replacing the worn out control balls.

Stainless-Steel-Balls--AISI-304If the system requires the chickens to peck at the ball to drink, then plastic is going to wear out even faster.

Stainless steel holds up to the pressure of the water lines and the demands of feeding system. When manufactured properly, rust is not a problem for high quality stainless steel balls, so they rarely have to be replaced. In ball-controlled watering stations, the shiny stainless steel also quickly guides the birds to the target.

Chickens Can Create a Caustic Environment

Chickens create a caustic environment just by living. Given a short amount of time, chicken litter will eat through just about anything. Anyone who thinks the waste stays on the floor has never manufactured durable agriculture machinery. Experienced farmers know it gets EVERYWHERE. Plastic will withstand the acidic attack, but as noted above, it will not hold up to the other pressures.

Stainless steel balls in the water controls will probably last longer than the entire building. Over time, that makes it a worthwhile investment for your machinery. Stainless steel is safe for your animals, safe for your operation and cuts your long term expenses.

Stainless Steel Prevents Build Ups

If you have hard water, calcium buildups can be a major headache. Stainless steel is not immune to these buildups. However, you can knock these buildups without damaging the surface. Instead of trying to find replacements for corroded brass and steel balls or hoping the carved up original will work, a watering station with stainless steel balls is back in working order in moments.

Stainless Steel Balls Are Durable in an Agriculture Environment


How long should the equipment you use last? As long as possible, of course. High Quality stainless steel is durable. It will outlast anything else used in water delivery systems, including the pump and the lines. It’s just that tough.

Stainless steel is hard. It is hard enough to stand up to anything your feeding machine’s environment can dish out. Managers of grow-our houses have enough to deal with without their systems breaking down. Stainless steel balls offer the harness and corrosion resistance to keep maintenance to a minimum.

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