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Precision Balls for the Cosmetics Industry

Posted: Feb 2, 2018 5:04:10 PM

It's well known that precision balls are essential for applications within many different types of machinery. However, precision balls play a vital role in many non-machinery products, as well. Nowhere is this more evident than in the cosmetics industry, which regularly makes use of precision balls in a wide range of the products that they manufacture.

In this article, we'll take a look at some of the common applications of precision balls for the cosmetics industry and discuss why it's so important to choose the right ball when you are developing a new cosmetic product.

Agitator Balls for Eyeliner and Nail Polish

Both eyeliner and nail polish often require agitation before use to ensure that the product is thoroughly mixed and to keep components from settling at the bottom of the container. To fill this role, precision stainless steel balls are required. Stainless steel is an optimum choice for this application since it is heavy enough to agitate the thick fluid that nail polish and eyeliner are made of while at the same time remaining rust-resistant.

Roll-On Balls for Lip Moisturizers and Lipstick

Many lipstick and lip moisturizer products make use of roll-on applicators consisting of a stainless steel ball that is nestled at the end of the applicator and is free to rotate in any direction, slowly dispensing the product as it does. For this application, it is essential that precision balls be used. If the ball is just a little bit too large, it may not roll freely or dispense enough of the product. If it is just a little bit too small, it may not stay secured within the applicator or it may allow the product to leak out. Additionally, the sphericity (roundness) of the ball is as important as the proper size.  Sphericity out of tolerance could call leaks.  For glass balls used in roll-ons, the glass needs to be clear (not cloudy or colored) and reasonably free of inclusions. 

Balls Used in Trigger Sprayers

Trigger sprayers are used for a range of purposes in the cosmetic industry, from perfume to hair products and beyond. In order to make these trigger sprayers function properly, though, precision balls are required. Trigger sprayers may make use of plastic balls, glass balls, or stainless steel balls. These balls seal off the barrel of the sprayer until the trigger is depressed, causing enough pressure to push the ball out of the seal and allow the product to be dispensed.

Metering Balls for High-End Fragrances

Some high-end fragrances will make use of a metering ball in order to ensure that the correct amount of perfume is dispensed. Metering balls work so that no matter how hard the trigger of the fragrance bottle is depressed, the same amount of fragrance will be dispensed each time. For expensive fragrances, this type of metering is desirable for the customer as it allows them to guarantee that they are using no more and no less of the fragrance than is required.


End users of cosmetic products rarely consider the precision balls inside them. However, these precision balls often play a vital role in ensuring that the product works as intended.

If you are designing a new cosmetic product, it is essential that you make use of quality precision balls that will guarantee your product performs perfectly each and every time. If you would like to learn more about the wide range of precision balls we have available at Hartford Technologies and how they can be used within the cosmetics industry, we invite you to contact us today.