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Nylon Balls Know No Bounds: Nylon Ball Applications in the Food & Beverage, Industrial, and Medical Industries

Posted: May 31, 2017 4:59:15 PM

For most applications and industries, stainless steel ball bearings are the standard. There are, however, plenty of applications that call for ball bearings that are a little more specialized. One common non-metal ball bearing is the nylon ball, and outlined below are the various industries and applications where nylon ball bearings and the advantages that they offer are the preferred choice.

Food Grade Nylon Balls for the Food and Beverage Industry

Food Grade Nylon Balls | Hartford Technologies

One industry that makes frequent use of nylon balls is the food and beverage industry. Since machinery used in the food and beverage industry is very often in direct contact with products that will be consumed, most traditional lubricants cannot be used for fear that they will leach into the food/drink. Nylon balls, however, do not require lubrication, allowing operations within the food and beverage industry to efficiently run their machines without relying on harmful lubricants.

Nylon Balls for Chemical Industrial Applications

Chemical Industry Nylon Balls | Hartford Technologies

Companies which produce harsh chemicals must always be aware of the fact that the chemicals they are working with can and will eat away various components of their machinery. To combat this, companies within the chemical industry must rely on components that are corrosion resistant whenever possible.

Nylon balls are completely insoluble in most acids and common solvents. They are also extremely resistant to alkalis, petroleum oils, lactic acid, and more. Nylon balls for industrial applications where ball bearings are constantly exposed to an array of harsh chemicals, nylon balls are the optimum choice. Their resistance to most all abrasive chemicals combined with their toughness and durability ensure that they will have a long life-cycle even in the harshest of conditions.

Medical Grade Nylon Balls

Medical Grade Nylon Balls | Hartford Technologies

Few industries are more stringent in their safety requirements than the medical industry, and with good reason. Often times, devices used in the medical industry are either in direct contact with the patient or they are in direct contact with things that will be inserted or injected into the patient's body. With this being the case, it is extremely important that utmost care is taken when considering what components a medical device will be made out of.

To start, nylon balls are completely safe for direct contact with the patient and direct contact with fluids and devices that will eventually end up inside the patient's body. Even more important, though, is the fact that nylon ball bearings require no lubrication. Like the food and beverage industry, the medical industry cannot rely on harsh lubricants for use in their devices. By making use of nylon balls, though, they are able to produce a machine that will run quietly and efficiently without the use of any lubrication.


There are a lot of advantages to using nylon balls. Among other things, they have a high dimensional stability, are quiet running, lightweight, wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant, and don't conduct electricity. Due to all of these advantages, nylon balls are the preferred solution in a number of industries including those listed above. At Hartford Technologies, we recognize the specific advantages of nylon ball bearings and are happy to produce high-quality, affordable nylon balls for use by our customers who operate within the applications that require them. If you would like to learn more about the advantages of the nylon balls that we produce, we invite you to contact us today.