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Manufacturing Process for Needle Bearing Pins and Rollers

Posted: Jan 20, 2021 1:54:22 PM


Manufacturing Process for Needle Bearing Pins and Rollers

Needle Bearing Pins and Rollers must be manufactured in such a way that optimizes performance while minimizing costs. Read below to learn more about the steps involved in the manufacturing process of needle bearing pins and rollers.

1. Cut Wire to Length

Slightly oversized wire is procured or drawn down to the proper diameter.  The first step in the pin manufacturing process is cutting the wire to the approximate desired length.  

2. Rough machining

This machining operation is typically done in a lathe and the diameter is turned within 0.0005”-0.001” larger than the finish diameter of the pin. 

3. Machine ends if necessary 

Pins can have myriad of end confirmations: straight, deburred, pointed, spherical, chamfered, or perhaps some special configuration.

4. Harden

Pins are processed through a continuous furnace with atmospheric protection.  Parts are quenched in oil and then tempered to 62-65HRC.

5. Centerless Grinding

This is perhaps the most critical facet of the manufacturing process.  It is through a precise setup and constant control that OD can be held within +/- 0.0001”.  Plunge grinding can also be done on non-cylindrical shapes than cannot be through fed.



6. 100% Inspection

Finally, after the manufacturing process is complete each pin Hartford Technologies manufactures is 100% inspected by specially built machines using cameras and sophisticated non-contact methods to verify length, diameter and end profile, thus guaranteeing perfect quality.

Needle bearing pins and rollers have many important applications, such as transmissions and two-cycle engine sectors, requiring the manufacturing process to be very precise. If you would like to learn more about our pins, our precision specialty balls, our customized bearing assemblies, or any of the other products that we offer at Hartford Technologies, we invite you to contact us today.