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Custom Motors Require Custom Shafts

Posted: Nov 10, 2017 3:49:50 PM

For many applications, mass market motors are not specific enough to get the job done. In these instances, many companies are left to design their own custom electric motor in order to complete the specific tasks that they need it to. While a lot goes into designing and building a custom motor, one important consideration is the shaft that you put in it. In most cases, the shafts that go into custom motors will need to be customized as well. In this article, we'll take a look at some of the industries that often make use of custom motors as well the crucial role that custom shafts play in building a great custom motor.

Industries that use Custom Motors

Custom motors are often built when a large degree of precision is required. One industry that often makes use of custom motors due to their precision is the medical industry.

Custom built motors are also great for use in a wide range of unique machinery that may be custom built itself. Industries which make use of custom motors for this reason include the HVAC industry, the industrial industry, the automotive industry, and the agriculture industry. It's the agriculture industry that is especially known for using custom motors in order to complete a wide range of purposes and tasks that range from irrigation to automatic feeders and beyond.

Lastly, custom motors may be put into Point-of-Purchase (POP) devices that are then sold directly to the customer. Since custom-built devices often require custom motors, custom motors are commonly found in new mechanical products.

The Importance of Custom Shafts in Custom Motors

Some components of a custom motor can be built using mass market parts. However, many other components will need to be custom built themselves. One component that often needs to be custom built in a custom motor is the motor's shaft.

Depending on the motor and the application, the shaft may be required to have a specific diameter, length, and tolerance. With this many factors at play, mass market shafts will rarely happen to fit the right requirements for a custom motor. Instead, custom shafts must be designed and ordered to ensure that your motor will function as intended. Thankfully, ordering custom shafts for your motor is now easier than ever before.

How to Order Custom Shafts for Your Motor

Ordering custom shafts for your motor starts by determining the exact specs that you need your shafts to be. From there, all you have to do is let us know those specifications and we will custom build your shafts to perfectly match your requirements.

At Hartford Technologies, we specialize in manufacturing precision parts that fall within tight tolerances. We will take the specs you give us and quickly deliver an order of custom shafts that will enable your custom motor to function flawlessly.

If you would like to learn more about the importance of putting custom shafts in custom motors or would like to request a quote for your order, we invite you to contact us today.