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Overcoming the Challenges of Sourcing Precision Automotive Components from Low Cost Countries

Posted: Jun 15, 2018 11:42:56 AM

Automotive manufacturers have a number of key factors to take into consideration when sourcing components for their automobiles. One of the most important is keeping the cost of those components as low as possible, while still ensuring quality.

What is Low Cost Country Sourcing?

LCC sourcing entails sourcing parts and materials from countries where labor and production costs are much lower than they are in the United States. Sourcing from these countries enables manufacturers to drastically reduce their operating expenses, which in turn reduces the cost of the final product that they offer for sale. However, with LCC sourcing complications can occur when companies go directly to the overseas factory or if they work with a company that does not ensure quality of their products. When you work with Hartford Technologies, our quality commitment and years of manufacturing expertise in the field of bearings ensure that these complications and difficulties do not arise.

Challenges Faced by Automotive Sourcing Professionals

Professionals in the automotive industry who are tasked with procuring components to use in the manufacturing process face a number of challenges. Many of these challenges, however, can be overcome by working with a supplier that has developed a proven and effective LCC manufacturing base such as, Hartford Technologies.

Some of the challenges faced by automotive sourcing professionals include:

  • Cutting Costs - It falls to automotive sourcing professionals to figure out how to source components that are as affordable as possible. Sourcing from manufacturers in LCC’s allows the sourcing professionals in the automotive industry to drastically cut the expense of the parts they procure.

  • Quality Assurance - Automotive sourcing professionals must ensure that all of the components they source are high-quality components that are built to last. By working with a well-established US company who manufactures in a LCC the quality of those parts will be subject to a rigorous US-based quality assurance program thereby ensuring automotive sourcing professionals that the components they source are of the highest possible quality. At Hartford Technologies, our LCC plant personnel and high quality assurance standards enable us to guarantee the quality of all the components we offer.

  • Logistical Challenges - Automotive sourcing professionals must work with experienced suppliers in order to ensure that no logistical challenges that would delay production arise. LCC manufacturers can sometimes lead to a number of logistical challenges that arise from longer supply chains, international trade, cultural and language differences, and more. However, at Hartford Technologies, we have carefully refined our shipping processes to ensure that no logistical challenges arise and guarantee that the components are always delivered on time.

How Automotive Manufacturers can Take Advantage of Low Cost Country Manufacturing

Working with a manufacturer that has developed an effective LCC manufacturing strategy offers great benefits to customers in the automotive industry. If a manufacturer is able to produce high-quality materials from low cost countries in a way that is efficient and affordable, they are then able to offer parts to automotive manufacturers that are much more affordable than the competition while at the same time ensuring quality.

At Hartford Technologies, we use a production strategy, known as low cost country (LCC) manufacturing, in order to guarantee that our precision bearings, pins, and other components for automotive manufacturers remain as affordable as possible. When you work with Hartford Technology we have years of experience working with Low Cost Country manufacturing to ensure that our quality is above the competitors including, quality that will exceed your business needs.

At Hartford Technologies, we are proud to have developed a highly effective LCC manufacturing strategy over many years that allows us to lower the prices of our bearings, pins, and other automotive components below what is available from the competition. If you would like to learn more about how you can save money by sourcing high-quality components from Hartford Technologies, we invite you to contact us today.

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