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6 Reasons Why We're Thankful for Ball Bearings

Posted: Nov 23, 2016 9:25:00 AM

As is common in North America, many families will sit down to enjoy their Thanksgiving meal with a gathering of extended family and friends. True to form, there’s always that one family member who will inevitably start the “what are you thankful for” conversation ‘round the table to encourage chatting.  While this conversation-starting scenario plays out year after year, it still manages to catch some us of off guard as we scramble to come up with a worthy-enough response on the spot.  This year, skip the usual brownie point seeking response of “my family” and instead, get a little creative when it’s your turn to answer.

So, when this question lands in your lap, be prepared:

Family member: “So, what are you thankful for this year?”

Your answer...

..."Ball Bearings!"

Just like how ball bearings reduce friction by allowing smooth, relative motion between two parts, your answer will do the same by keeping the conversation rolling smoothly this holiday season.

At the very core, ball bearings improve the life and function of the equipment or machinery they are installed in. These dynamic elements have been around as long as the wheel and have played a central role in the modern inventions we generally take for granted.

Here are six reasons why we’re thankful for ball bearings this holiday season:

1) Dishwasher

Also coming in at #1 on Real Simple’s list, 111 Things to be Thankful For, enough good things can’t be said about the dishwasher. Have you ever scrubbed post-Thanksgiving pots, pans, and dishes by hand? It is not a task for the weak! Which is why we’re very thankful for ball bearings.

Ball bearings are found in the motor of the dishwasher. Without ball bearings, the motor would wear out. This would result in a very loud dishwasher and eventually a sink full of dirty dishes!

2) Blender:
Blended holiday drinks would cease to exist without ball bearings! A blender, easily one of the most used appliances in kitchen during the holidays, contains ball bearings. Dicing, chopping, and blending would be much more difficult if it had to be done by hand, without the use of an efficient blender. As you sip your blended, spiced eggnog this year, perhaps make a toast to ball bearings!

3) Laptop:

Holidays are jam-packed with family time. You may want to take a breather and watch a movie on your laptop. This reprieve would have been impossible without ball bearings. The laptop’s internal fan, which keeps the machine from overheating, relies on ball bearings to function properly.

4) Transportation:

Whether you travel by plane, train, or car, your mode of transportation is dependent on ball bearings. From the ball bearings in the plane wheels to the roller bearings in your seat adjuster, your transportation is much smoother thanks to ball bearings.

5) Vacuum Cleaner
There’s no better time than the holidays to get your house clean for the big family gatherings.  When you need to clean in a pinch, a quick run of the vacuum will do the trick and add that extra clean feeling to your home. However, without ball bearings, vacuums would not work as they are needed for the motor to run.

6) Beer

Ball Bearings | Hartford Technologies
A round of beer would be nearly impossible without bearings! Ball bearings are involved in the mixing, bottling/canning, seaming, labeling – virtually any part of the brewing conveyance process. Additionally, beer from a tap requires other bearings like ball valves and flow meters to stop and start the flow of beer.

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